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Complete Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair 

Your swimming pool will always be ready for use with maintenance and repair from Chase's Pool Service and Supplies in Sarasota, Florida. We start by assessing your pool's condition, and then we customize service to resolve any issues that we find. When our work is completed, your pool is like new. 

Maintain Your Investment

Like most investments, a pool requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the waters sparkling. Pool cleaning and maintenance can be a challenge, but we do the job right when you hire us for weekly or vacation. Our experienced crew will also maintain your pool while you're out of town!

Weekly & Vacation Cleaning

A pool provides you with a luxurious place to relax and cool down on a scorching summer day. However, it needs proper care to stay in top condition. Neglecting required pool maintenance results in major, and often costly, problems. We make sure that your swimming pool is always clean with services that include:

• Tile Brushing 
• Water Skimming
• Vacuuming
• Skimmer & Pump Baskets Cleaning
• Chemical Balance Testing
• Pump & Filter Equipment Inspection

• Filter Cleaning (as Necessary)
Salt Cell Inspection
• Pump & Filter Equipment Inspection
• Chemical Adding (as Necessary; Standard Chemicals, Including Salt are Included in Cost of Service)

Checking Pool Levels

Scheduled Maintenance

Arrange for Chase's Pool Service and Supplies to provide you with necessary pool maintenance services while you're on vacation. From adjusting the chemicals properly to cleaning the surfaces regularly, we handle every detail so you come home to crystal clear water.

Contact us for swimming pool maintenance and repair that makes your pool safer to use.